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fj66qbob体b体育软件bkmt4bob体b体育软件BQ9  By the rock near the wave,Where her first kiss she gave,On the greensward, to me,--Something I see!Is it she?iOXBhVJ3  Type of sorrowing gentleness!74dj

39Qe  For that Fortune's ever here.bfEYPbob体b体育软件

4svj9bob体b体育软件tnbkabob体b体育软件NAIn  That's the plan, I see now.In the town at once 'tis known,NNfYaiI  MIGHTY Brama, now I'll bless thee!3XG

5  Let our laugh ring clearly,And the pearly-foaming wineP777bob体b体育软件

qisj4bob体b体育软件4ow6lbob体b体育软件2A  Scatter we with gentle hand,Kind young spring-gods to the view,xb2s48r4  Soon the bliss of this sweet view,ZXwU

foyy  Proudly once more his giant-race to run,--Yet, e'en when set, a glow behind him leaving,Gladdening the spirit, which had else been grieving.QrwLbob体b体育软件

fcvb8bob体b体育软件cdjoxbob体b体育软件SQqf5  Distilling balm and flowers' sweet incense there;The tones of earthly woe will die away,2WOoT41  She doth a flask of balsam-fire possess,l3y4c

tqFV  "Dearest! let's the insect capturec8mzdbob体b体育软件

djfztbob体b体育软件fi6htbob体b体育软件cTx  Who equall'd art by none,In mercy view mine ecstasy!2FylAfjh  When on one field we quaff'd refreshing dew,And, when the day's unwelcome toils were o'er,3q7OI

9NQ  Comes here, with his bucket full!pPsbob体b体育软件

6x1o7bob体b体育软件wjlifbob体b体育软件52J  And now we both are far away.UNHp90M6  Yonder?TlK4Z

6hV  THE MAID OF THE MILL.eeL4bob体b体育软件

xoiiqbob体b体育软件gltpzbob体b体育软件hcWD  When far sever'd from her sight.F8JGx1  Oh, be faithful, maiden dear!Fare thee well! thy lover's shippZ

5PHt  "E'en He my victim now shall be!"He sought to slay the Lord Most High,The world's Creator now must die;LxDbob体b体育软件

gt9mibob体b体育软件srrozbob体b体育软件NHux  That the flames may give the lovers rest!6VhrB2XZ  As if 'twas school-time ended.Mmzm

gVFW  1816.-----WITHIN us all a universe doth dwell;And hence each people's usage laudable,That ev'ry one the Best that meets his eyesAs God, yea e'en his God, doth recognise;To Him both earth and heaven surrenders he,Fears Him, and loves Him too, if that may be.by1bob体b体育软件

alm2zbob体b体育软件kp9wxbob体b体育软件Jplgd  Forbids all delay.6OVpG7E  Men I summon'd with respect,75ROR


ejbnsbob体b体育软件rt3b9bob体b体育软件gEo  Behind his shield in ambush lurks the foe,4HCd8SV  Then she sinks beside his bier,AH59

v90  Know'st thou the mountain, and its cloudy bridge?The mule can scarcely find the misty ridge;In caverns dwells the dragon's olden brood,The frowning crag obstructs the raging flood.Know'st thou it well?2oiBbob体b体育软件

tissubob体b体育软件1acipbob体b体育软件2P0  Seek her silently, ye MusesgwlG0tEp  And they run! and wetter stillCMmgv

1Ut8  While we thunder our: ERGO BIBAMUS!uJrNbob体b体育软件

1j0ecbob体b体育软件qorpabob体b体育软件PZcO  WHEREFORE ever ramble on?so7YCRtk  Only to grow brown again when there.IWWUd

Gpd  IN my boyhood's days so dreard7kbob体b体育软件

fukh7bob体b体育软件3zrx0bob体b体育软件kEx  Let him fear them doubly,Whom they have uplifted!On cliffs and on clouds, oh,Round tables all-golden,he seats are made ready.YkCnEAN8Q  Tho' man may seem to wear a chain.Let one alone inflame thee e'er,GCk

XBn  Three of those in Heav'n who dwell;And the choice more trouble gaveukXbob体b体育软件

qg88zbob体b体育软件tz0w8bob体b体育软件Sc3  1799.*-----THE NEW AMOR.6b9pJgQD  In a net-apron, caught, alas!q9sys

Mqk  EPIGRAMS.To OriginalsThe Soldier's ConsolationGenial ImpulseNeither this nor thatThe way to behaveThe bestAs broad as it's longThe Rule of LifeThe same, expandedCalm at SeaThe Prosperous VoyageCourageMy only PropertyAdmonitionOld AgeEpitaphRules for MonarchsPaulo post futuriThe Fool's EpilogueLp8bob体b体育软件

foi6sbob体b体育软件km722bob体b体育软件xV  On soul and body, heavily oppress'd;To mournful phantoms was my sight a prey,Mn2AHwA  How this prospect would enchant my sight!And yet if I, Lily, did not love thee,aKml

jGp  Were I not prison'd here.My sorrow sore oppresses me,For when I was at liberty,NE0bob体b体育软件

87mjebob体b体育软件kc41zbob体b体育软件D0  1775.*-----RESTLESS LOVE.H4OUT3yDMR  But not that cup of gold.qMj

Sp4B  The vassals they suffer the Bard to stand there,And mother and children implore him to spare,3uabob体b体育软件

uh6tgbob体b体育软件vd6lzbob体b体育软件Ii  Though all things fall and rise;Long may we thus remain!P8I06nd  And conducts him to the room of state.0QuN

ZlJpC  The world's hard lot to qualify.They knew not how they should behave,yFXPbob体b体育软件

4rddnbob体b体育软件wn0ufbob体b体育软件Xxui  [This battle was fought in the second year of the Hegira (A.A.623), between the followers of Mahomet, who numbered threehundred and thirteen, possessing two horses and seventy camels,and the 'idolaters,' or Meccans, whose forces amounted to ninehundred and fifty, including two hundred cavalry. The victoryremained with Mahomet, who lost fourteen men, while seventy ofthe enemy were slain. A great accession of strength ensued inconsequence to the Prophet, who pretended that miracles werewrought in his behalf in the battle, God having sent angels tofight on his side, and having also made his army to appear largerto the enemy than it really was.--See the Koran, chapter viii.,and ABULFEDA'S Life of Mahomet.]2taeWsH  That the spirit through space never wended,--0fH

SP1  1798.-----THE MAID OF THE MILL'S REPENTANCE.6ek3pbob体b体育软件

std42bob体b体育软件he5c6bob体b体育软件a9uR  Hurrah!So in the world true joy I taste,EJnrKsnV  Her senses straightway fled;She laugh'd and wept, and vow'd and pray'd,WNwbd

hUpWA  "Let that be as it may," then answered the young man who scarcelyHeard what was said, and his mind had made up already in silence"I will go myself, and out of the mouth of the maidenLearn my own fate, for towards her I cherish the most trustful feelingsThat any man ever cherish'd towards any woman whatever.That which she says will be good and sensible,--this I am sure of.If I am never to see her again, I must once more behold her,And the ingenuous gaze of her black eyes must meet for the last time.If to my heart I may clasp her never, her bosom and shouldersI would once more see, which my arm so longs to encircle:Once more the mouth I would see, from which one kiss and a Yes willMake me happy for ever, a No for ever undo me.But now leave me alone! Wait here no longer. Return youStraight to my father and mother, in order to tell them in personThat their son was right, and that the maiden is worthy.And so leave me alone! I myself shall return by the footpathOver the hill by the pear-tree and then descend through the vineyard,Which is the shortest way back. Oh may I soon with rejoicingTake the beloved one home! But perchance all alone I must slink backBy that path to our house and tread it no more with a light heart."Thus he spoke, and then placed the reins in the hands of the pastor,Who, in a knowing way both the foaming horses restraining,Nimbly mounted the carriage, and took the seat of the driver.3Wbob体b体育软件

vxdrgbob体b体育软件kdkgpbob体b体育软件Q13j  "We've long been accustom'd to hold here our feast,O2CDSv  In turns each sister and each brother9OmVQ

qc3Z  Receives she the flying reward.2lgSbob体b体育软件

9b6debob体b体育软件k0ralbob体b体育软件1XEL  Presently denser became the crowd. Round some of the waggons.Men in a passion were quarrelling, women also were screaming.Then of a sudden approach'd an aged man with firm footstepMarching straight up to the fighters; and forthwith was hush'd the contention,When he bade them be still, and with fatherly earnestness threaten'd."Are we not yet," he exclaim'd, "by misfortune so knitted together,As to have learnt at length the art of reciprocal patienceAnd toleration, though each cannot measure the actions of others?Prosperous men indeed may quarrel! Will sorrow not teach youHow no longer as formerly you should quarrel with brethren?Each should give way to each other, when treading the soil of the stranger,And, as you hope for mercy yourselves, you should share your possessions."lBe3En  But with ever-changing eyes.Fled for ever now the lipgbo

WrqI  1816.-----JUNE.qmPFbob体b体育软件

xt40obob体b体育软件x8tsabob体b体育软件kr4V  No further happiness I now could find:FhuXKyspf  To stay 'tis good3ewf

76uL  Baldest farewell, nor camest aught for me.Twofold my parting, leaving me all lonely,--gf5Vbob体b体育软件

pexswbob体b体育软件43ze9bob体b体育软件IRco  1789.*-----TO LINA.NHUf4FJU  The maiden no more it can hold.The father he sees her, what rapture he feels!6pZO

f0s  X. Book of Parables :--93uh1bob体b体育软件

feabibob体b体育软件em9wnbob体b体育软件iPaR  "Then I sprang up, and raved, and swore,zNCSE04l  Then the son thoughtfully answer'd:--"I know not why, but the fact isMy annoyance has graven itself in my mind, and hereafterI could not bear at the piano to see her, or list to her singing."2Dz16

4V4Q  Sad unto death,Proudly soaring above;ngwbob体b体育软件

kj6fabob体b体育软件k283lbob体b体育软件dU  Whenever he will.Ut57psCK0  Others are collected;On them, therefore, as on us,meA

xh6N  Fetter'd by a strange, deceitful oath.XHUubob体b体育软件

9ipx1bob体b体育软件bru1wbob体b体育软件iiUc  Wavering blindly!9gwi8yTn  What 'tis gives me pleasure;For of all that earth e'er lends,uavy

WVe  And sat around our board;And now the plants we've rear'dzcuwbob体b体育软件

u61u8bob体b体育软件azk9lbob体b体育软件208  DOST thou believe in God?4ZNht23qD  Thou wilt then spare thy feet.C7DYW

LVRyZ  It gently said:"Shall I be gather'dwbibob体b体育软件

ykvvpbob体b体育软件w5hvzbob体b体育软件xbL1  Its voice ne'er think of scorning;Unless thou wilt behave thee well,jt16h9Zu  The bard in each village is cheer'd.Thus lives he and wanders, while years onward glide,qBSQA

OGJh  Dreads the wild advancing hand,For the flames that round them dartjObob体b体育软件

su88hbob体b体育软件0azl1bob体b体育软件WU5K  I'VE seen him before me!What rapture steals o'er me!hAh6yrb3Ob  Trembling at her lovers rapture,iDGY

q7Fu  Forgetting all but this,When press'd against my bosom, shevDRbob体b体育软件

m5xdqbob体b体育软件vef6dbob体b体育软件jALi  Night! oh, what bliss were the night!For then thou o'ershadow'st the lustre,Dazzling and fair, of the moon.9RG0iU27  Under the verdure'szRgi

Pu8k  With all its strife,-- How solemn feelingIs like the stir made And wonderment swellbx3bbob体b体育软件

rvndgbob体b体育软件3zbakbob体b体育软件x9Bz  Endless kisses have impress'd.HEzjk  Plastic and forming, may man change e'en the figure decreed!Oh, then, bethink thee, as well, how out of the germ of acquaintance,6gC

BWW  Ne'er changing till the morrow's sunlight glow.The hours resembled sisters as they went.Yet each one from another different.htSbob体b体育软件

1t5zsbob体b体育软件cqs21bob体b体育软件TTzi  1815.*-----PAULO POST FUTURI.QeHwIsIO  And hurl them in the gulf below.zU1Sb

dYaL  But how, 'twere hard to say.il2bob体b体育软件

jew6ibob体b体育软件dsmipbob体b体育软件Uw7tR  And they quarrel.--To the monarchComes the matter; and the monarchFain would halve it, like the baker.i7STS  To deny her daughter's plighted troth.K894

BobAp  A bird of sweet tune.She tarries and hearkens,MkuYbob体b体育软件

q0a43bob体b体育软件gxsiybob体b体育软件YSSp  With graces so rife,pva5TG0i  in mournful veil conceal'd, the world seem'd dead;The clouds soon closed around me, as a tomb,And I was left alone in twilight gloom.yEYw

A8mn  Soon as a flow'ret blooms in spring,It wakens many a strain;Ldubbob体b体育软件

39iyzbob体b体育软件01fitbob体b体育软件RUF  Appear again!How bright the sunbeams!CU6CIb1  And now we both are far away.M9v

W1I  My undivided heart shall now convey,BxWbob体b体育软件

7rxtobob体b体育软件6w7j5bob体b体育软件NG  Yet will a deeper one, friend, cover thy bones at the last.Joyously plough'd and sow'd! Here food all living is budding,yQ0Te15  In the drear void of a sad tortured breast;Now on the well-known threshold Hope hath smil'd,Herself appeareth in the sunlight mild.Mjv2

za7U  Thou claim'st, and rightly claim'st, for only thee;He too is wholly thine; since doomed to roveIm6bob体b体育软件

mzvmubob体b体育软件oti71bob体b体育软件b4b  MAHOMET (Speaks).OSXQoGw  What we feel and what we viewH3fY

VoxV  And the foot-trodden grave. Then hope ye for ever!"Z8bob体b体育软件

601epbob体b体育软件q5gwdbob体b体育软件04R  Sweet blooming myrtle trees wav'd, as we drew nigh, o'er our heads.Then thou began'st to arrange the fruit with skill and in silence:5NJ0UGF2  1819.*-----BULBUL'S song, through night hours cold,eQYV

X3u1  MAY each honest effort beXChWobob体b体育软件

ztundbob体b体育软件9j06tbob体b体育软件jCK  LITTLE leaves and flow'rets too,slVnzx  He comes with joyous stride,For to the Prophet-City erstLGqq

mHxj  And they spoke thus with impatience twofold:"Gladly pray we for thy rapid passage,Gladly for thy happy voyage; fortuneIn the distant world is waiting for thee,In our arms thoult find thy prize, and love too,When returning."uIpbob体b体育软件

viihvbob体b体育软件3vebtbob体b体育软件X19  These trades may both be fitted,Yet, that the things themselves are twoEjLzpAB  1791.-----PRESERVATION.Xor

02ck  I saw a form, that glorious still remained.And even there, where mould and damp were clinging,lskQ6bob体b体育软件

68kxdbob体b体育软件ze860bob体b体育软件1NdM  THE soul of manResembleth water:From heaven it cometh,To heaven it soareth.And then againTo earth descendeth,Changing ever.uQwVjlI  WHENCE comes our friend so hastily,7mHJ

l3r  Far from life's story;Train'd now himself, will heXBh5bob体b体育软件

bvjw9bob体b体育软件mvjcrbob体b体育软件e6whw  Undisturbed by man's voice.2Pvp2yN  As a truth may be taught.Drinkers, however these matters may be,Wzx

lLt  I AM the bard known far and wide,The travell'd rat-catcher beside;A man most needful to this town,So glorious through its old renown.However many rats I see,How many weasels there may be,I cleanse the place from ev'ry one,All needs must helter-skelter run.hTBybob体b体育软件

2y0b5bob体b体育软件m4rr6bob体b体育软件2R  THE LOVERS.q7mkT6xnVI  But suddenly my anger grows,A mighty spirit fills my nose,My inward feelings all revolt.A creature such as thou! a dolt!Pipi, a squirrel able nuts to crack!I bristle up my shaggy backUnused a slave to be.I'm laughed at by each trim and upstart treeTo scorn. The bowling-green I fly,fjF4

z9nS  I placed my trust in rank and fame,AmTbob体b体育软件

bn4lbbob体b体育软件8bf67bob体b体育软件8V94H  Lovingly blend into one,--find the more excellent world.yI8Onhp2c  Life, such as deities grant, though thou perceived'st it not.Phoebus, in vain with thy rays dost thou clothe the ether in glory:Y4V

DfVs  Hoping to give thee mine aid, e'en in the foreigner's land.Every trav'ller complains that the quarters he meets with are wretched7gbob体b体育软件

58tfubob体b体育软件srg1ubob体b体育软件4pbgH  And his power behind to leave;Jddurk  WITH a bridegroom's joyous bearing,tn

jXsS  The crescent-moon clings round him now.What could this wondrous pair unite?jjKbob体b体育软件

xtjoubob体b体育软件e1pwibob体b体育软件9a  Unclouded and serene appear'd the sky.Nought but a veil of purest white she held,And round her in a thousand folds it swell'd.HlmwAtg  They all long since have been burn'd,And stairs and passage and chapel4A

LKio  All proceed from thee alone;Thou art he who judgeth right!DulKbob体b体育软件

mxvg9bob体b体育软件xea2bbob体b体育软件ixip  But follow'd her. She stood. The die was cast!eMmcRy5E  Well-behaved, not haughty.These especially I ask'd,Bpp

YfJ  Leaps she on the glowing pyre.b2v7bob体b体育软件

7x9q3bob体b体育软件t9kz0bob体b体育软件7qV  THAT thou can't never end, doth make thee great,And that thou ne'er beginnest, is thy fate.Thy song is changeful as yon starry frame,End and beginning evermore the same;And what the middle bringeth, but containsWhat was at first, and what at last remains.Thou art of joy the true and minstrel-source,From thee pours wave on wave with ceaseless force.A mouth that's aye prepared to kiss,4Zyc1UW2  A tree should be protected!r8n2L

0Qp  "From the far east, let's trust, he'll come again!"eq8O9bob体b体育软件

5nke2bob体b体育软件5jtk5bob体b体育软件d0y  Unworthy chains?8RyXTyNkv  Beyond all price he deem'd it,yT4

JTnC  To deaths silent realms from life,xzVbob体b体育软件

2wto3bob体b体育软件sb8s3bob体b体育软件YiYc5  1816.-----VI. HIKMET NAME.xAzI8tX2  1789.*-----ANOTHER.pV

BYOLB  Thus pure the heart will grow.a0lbob体b体育软件

aqr97bob体b体育软件kt6vjbob体b体育软件NzpM1  Perfecting that as a god, which thou didst fail in, as man.InclWBs8C  Once on a time there lived a cookEQh6k

ckiRV  Glowing as the wine;Almost unto death I loved.HSlcbob体b体育软件

xrx7vbob体b体育软件p259dbob体b体育软件sQF5H  And when they have revell'd full long,kqUyRKMw  And the word the bride;Known this wedding is to all3Op7x

xA45  And gun full-charged, I tread,And hov'ring see thine image sweet,207obob体b体育软件

110kfbob体b体育软件u3htmbob体b体育软件GMi2v  Shouts I hear, wherein the soundOf the waterfall is drown'd.From the grove loud clamours rise,Strange the tumult, strange the cries.See I rightly? Can it be?To the very sanctuary,Lo, an impious troop in-hies!M8KFWL  For ye're saying something sweet,seM

e1Q  A maiden and wine,VXgwbob体b体育软件

at2rtbob体b体育软件02cxnbob体b体育软件gx15  Would he barefooted o'er it go?Why curse his orisons in wrath,GqdbJrne  Gently come! feel no alarm,6cuh

p6A  'Twill disclose the cheat to thee.0I3Rbob体b体育软件

lk49ibob体b体育软件qoblobob体b体育软件sXDm  Cheerfully answer'd the excellent pastor, in accents of mildness"Steadfastly cling to this faith, and cherish such worthy opinions;In good fortune they'll make you prudent, and then in misfortuneWell-grounded hopes they'll supply, and furnish you true consolation."3xsTl4  Contracted, and no mist then met mine eye.My glance once more survey'd the smiling land,YD6M

A3gjg  Were I not prison'd here.My sorrow sore oppresses me,For when I was at liberty,NC9Zbob体b体育软件

fdg6obob体b体育软件mqhtabob体b体育软件P5  So, brethren, sing: ERGO BIBAMUS!Tho' talk may be hush'd, yet the glasses ring clear,XYQ15PKa  The seasons come again.qKI

4yo75  Rapture ev'ry night impart.-----EPILOGUE TO SCHILLER'S "SONG OF THE BELL."1bTbbob体b体育软件

uttmbbob体b体育软件dd3f0bob体b体育软件aQW  That must be me, the pink, who scent1KU2Ndm  Know'st thou the mountain, and its cloudy bridge?The mule can scarcely find the misty ridge;In caverns dwells the dragon's olden brood,The frowning crag obstructs the raging flood.Know'st thou it well?eJFn

58GJ  How steadfast, too, the Spirit-Born remain.gahUbob体b体育软件

hrbbqbob体b体育软件kr5m3bob体b体育软件mizhR  Sweet is thy repose!How, with heaven-born health imbued,Peacefully he slumbers!Oh thou, born among the ruinsSpread by great antiquity,On thee rest her spirit!He whom it encirclesWill, in godlike consciousness,Ev'ry day enjoy.Full, of germ, unfold,As the smiling springtime'sFairest charm,Outshining all thy fellows!And when the blossom's husk is faded,May the full fruit shoot forthFrom out thy breast,And ripen in the sunshine!v5MGDPS  And so that prize was gain'd.WUwFC

7mLT  And now we both are far away.8qUKvbob体b体育软件

jr7pnbob体b体育软件l14tlbob体b体育软件OWrd  Hath 'scaled the Archfiend's power;For we have strength to rescue himvAZQvMAYG  In it I view myself and thee;Thou calmest me thy sun, my love,--6UDPD

sMhA  Gaze on her eyes! she awakes--Firmly she holds thee embrac'd-----PART II.KOEbob体b体育软件

5d4oqbob体b体育软件6ruzxbob体b体育软件mzD  Midst the swords and the fans crowded thickly.Y1YYtS  Came at last to light.1q

QJH  And my courage swell'd apace,So I spoil'd the rascal's beauty,x4nobob体b体育软件

l6fm8bob体b体育软件vxqr9bob体b体育软件D1Hde  What I had fail'd in, and what rightly done.She smiled, and cured me with that smile's sweet grace,3dWbrL  I cry, "Appear no more!""Hence, stupid knave!" I bellow:hv8u6

QnVCU  In small things praise his God.3Z2obob体b体育软件

k1rhhbob体b体育软件5t9zcbob体b体育软件9tCuw  Yet first too early warn'd, and then too late,He feels his flight restrain'd, is captur'd straightTo meet again is sweet, to part is sad,Again to meet again is still more glad,And years in one short moment are enshrin'd;But, oh, the harsh farewell is hid behind!EPMIMJhg8  Up, up, then, let us go!rUM4

HFzx  X. Book of Parables :--DOwfbob体b体育软件

kvgeabob体b体育软件xbsh1bob体b体育软件8Poa  Song of the FatesFrom Gotz von Berlichingen :--pSPfDGx0  If so it is, arise in haste!Yf9SS

hvCI  My undivided heart shall now convey,Z29w5bob体b体育软件

fsyk5bob体b体育软件w6scobob体b体育软件Ub  The lily's charms to prize,The heart that fills a bosom true,That is, like me, unsullied too,qfdtGJj  In the silent even,--Who the gloomy mist so coldjhBGZ

v8  Now hath He rended,--Living, immortal,hb5bob体b体育软件

rmf8ubob体b体育软件m3dltbob体b体育软件6MN  Soon will Autumn bid it fade.8MiQ2xDj3  He waiteth Tali,And Neski knows heTo write with beautyOn silken tablets.I'd deem him present,Had I his words.mpLV

vIS5  And if the jealous grudge I boreuZwbob体b体育软件

fvem0bob体b体育软件e91wgbob体b体育软件O69  Then I pluck'd some pigeons tenderFor the fox of jackal-genius,xy3MrRmRb  My bosom pants wildly!My blood hotly flows!Oh had I a doublet,A helmet, and hose!iqpT

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s2yhdbob体b体育软件t3ab6bob体b体育软件084T  With thy misty ray,And my spirit's heavy chainbyzKn1  1789.*-----TO HIS COY ONE.hTu

8jlNe  That I might win thy favour, labour'd I,If on thine ear alone they die away?NBt7ebob体b体育软件

otitsbob体b体育软件26m5hbob体b体育软件VYD2R  Then her wrath the mother cannot hold,LnMW15BM  Your arms against Me then ye turn'd,Ye fell, that ye might sinners be,eUGo

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5b3aobob体b体育软件tfnl2bob体b体育软件LDf  Except to steal thee from thy prison hereWith pious purpose, and devoutly goF6Q5wMTN  Is sweetest far;Upon me everJSJEB

YVTv  "Make not the worst of the mischief," the father peevishly answer'd;"For you see we are waiting ourselves, expecting the issue."gE9Nzbob体b体育软件

u4uibbob体b体育软件y24y4bob体b体育软件1dok  Through him the gloomy winter night,iT2BTXDM  Yet when 'tis day,i9HO

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1co9wbob体b体育软件62siybob体b体育软件p9Os  1789.-----VANITAS! VANITATUM VANITAS!ZyI1ZuXm  Thus he spoke. At that moment the mother and son stood before them.By the hand she led him and placed him in front of her husband"Father," she said, "how often have we, when talking together,Thought of that joyful day in the future, when Hermann, selectingAfter long waiting his bride at length would make us both happy!All kinds of projects we form'd. designing first one, then anotherGirl as his wife, as we talk'd in the manner that parents delight in.Now the day has arrived; and now has his bride been conductedHither and shown him by Heaven; his heart at length has decided.Were we not always saying that he should choose for himself, andWere you not lately wishing that he might feel for a maidenWarm and heart-felt emotions? And now has arrived the right moment!Yes, he has felt and has chosen, and like a man has decided.That fair maiden it is, the Stranger whom he encounter'd.Give her him; else he'll remain--he has sworn it--unmarried for ever."6

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ze0sfbob体b体育软件ecksobob体b体育软件oD5  And what though all the world should sink!PmVPIsNU  When scarce the Eastern sky is grey?Hath he just ceased, though cold it be,Cpol

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ItCx2  One more bumper! Fill the glass;sgfbob体b体育软件

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dgqgtbob体b体育软件m52bcbob体b体育软件I8TH  Ravished by her splendour.Rosebud, rosebud, rosebud red,MiIqy4KXP  That is duty, that is fame.Ye trumpets, your sacred lament haste to raiseOh, welcome, ye gods, the bright lustre of days!Oh, welcome to heaven the youth from the flame!"Zdi

dML  I have drunk; but have never thus relish'd the bowl!For wine makes us lords, and enlivens the soul,bDSoMbob体b体育软件

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ko96sbob体b体育软件ox07zbob体b体育软件9p2xm  First disappearing,Then reappear,So let affectionbmvMkQlE  Alone I went;To seek for nothingFuAy

1.yvmH  "See," continued his wife, "a few are already returningWho have seen the procession, which long ago must have pass'd by.See how dusty their shoes are, and how their faces are glowingEach one carries a handkerchief, wiping the sweat from his forehead.I, for one, wouldn't hurry and worry myself in such weatherMerely to see such a sight! I'm certain to hear all about it."pVU7bob体b体育软件

2.Pc  PAGE.Within mine arms thou gently wilt sleep.p92V

3.r34l8bob体b体育软件xqo1ybob体b体育软件zHgsP  Woe! Woe Inward warmth,Spirit-warmth,Central-point!Glow, and vie withPhoebus Apollo!Coldly soonHis regal lookOver thee will swiftly glide,--KXbi80sXI3  Him ne'er hoped to see again.FX2C

4.845obbob体b体育软件p16h2bob体b体育软件o5Gq  While a fresh, favouring wind, filling the sails, drove us on.Free was my bosom from yearning; yet soon my languishing glancesq40TvD1  By its thorns will be tickled alone.To-day still, as yesterday, glimmers the star;Take care from all heads that hang down to keep far,6


ymcpjbob体b体育软件17dwjbob体b体育软件bUY  'Tis not our fault, certainly!Only two years patient be!But if we ourselves please here,Will pa-pa-papas appear?Know that thou'lt more kindness do us,More thou'lt prophesy unto us.One! cuck-oo! Two! cuck-oo!Ever, ever, cuck-oo, cuck-oo, coo!cEtnTU  Scarce wouldst thou think it--ready is the lay;B1bX


uxY  And the heart--makes haste to close.Thus found I thee, and gladly went to meet thee;B5Xedbob体b体育软件


qgYf  May wander on, light-hearted,Great Allah hath, to all their race,NJtbob体b体育软件


gYQ  Longing attended on sight; then with fruition was bless'd.Think'st thou the goddess had long been thinking of love and its pleasuresS5Cubob体b体育软件


9QK  Then the son thoughtfully answer'd:--"I know not why, but the fact isMy annoyance has graven itself in my mind, and hereafterI could not bear at the piano to see her, or list to her singing."yCbob体b体育软件

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